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The Beginning of Hood Herbs

Hood Herbs has a rich and healthy relationship with the community, giving back and healing has been the premise of the company since its inception.

In 2015 our CEO’s husband suffered two strokes which left the left side of his body weak and close to paralysis. Upon further research doctors found a blockage in his brain which required surgery, they had given him a 50/50 chance to live through surgery and a 100% chance that he would pass away by the tender age of thirty.

Second, third and fourth opinions were sought out with no avail. Cleo, our CEO decided to take matters in her own hands and begin doing research herself and she found that with the proper diet and the mix of natural herbs all imbalances within the body could be healed. Years of research and determination gave birth to the idea of Hood Herbs.

Needless to say her husband is now healthy without the help of so called modern medicine and plenty of her clients have been healed from a wide variety of ailments such as congestive heart failure, obesity, high blood pressure, type one and two diabetes, erectile dysfunction, infertility etc.

Her hands on approach and tireless determination and dedication to changing health within her clients has given her praise all around the world and we look forward to healing every one who has been taught incorrectly for generations. We thank clients past and new and look forward to seeing your progress, happy healing.


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I truly thank you my edges was gone I was always constipated all the time I'll do another detox soon! Your customer service and products are amazing I'll forever be a customer! Been meaning to tell you that weeks ago!

- S. Smith

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